Hello Ladies and welcome!! To start off here is a little information about our group. We work with three different ranges that allow us to have our own "Ladies Shooting Day"- West Kootenay Marksmen (Casino Range/Trail), Castlegar Pistol Club (outdoor) and Castlegar Pistol Club (indoor). The range that we will go to will depend on what we are able to shoot with (some ranges are caliber/firearm specific). The SET day we have that will happen every month is the Castlegar Pistol Club Indoor .22 Range (temporarily closed due to COVID-19). There is a $10 drop in fee for anyone who does not have a membership (fee goes towards a membership it does not get spent...we hold it in trust until the full amount is paid). Our time with West Kootenay Marksmen and the Castegar Ourdoor Range will vary monthly so I will keep everyone informed via EMAIL when shoots come up. I will also post to the Facebook group and website. I STRONGLY recommend getting a membership to either the WEST KOOTENAY MARKSMEN or the CASTLEGAR PISTOL CLUB as it provides great insurance for yourself and family members if you so choose it. You do not have to be a firearms owner to obtain a membership and the insurance is good for other outdoor activities aside from shooting. ***If you DO NOT have a PAL or a MEMBERSHIP to either range, I need to know beforehand so that I can pair you up with someone who does (as per range & government rules)***

As well....If you do not own firearms, there are MANY ladies willing to share. All I ask is that we all pitch in for the cost of ammo as a courtesy, so the price doesn't land solely on the owner of the firearm. *Ladies who are comfortable sharing their firearms will receive a DISCOUNT on AMMO to make it a little easier for all of us at CAN-TAC FIREARMS*

Any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Amber Berukoff, President WKLSG