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Welcome to our third annual Ghouls and Guns event at the Casino Range in Trail 9 am, Sunday, October 30th. The entrance fee is $50 which includes the match, a warm lunch, desert and snacks, goodie bags, and great prizes. There will be a prize for best costume and we hope you will join in on the games and prizes. It is a .22 rifle shoot. Any optic but needs to be magazine fed (bolt or semi). Please bring safety equipment: eye and ear protection and proper footwear. Dress according to the weather. Bring your own chair, plate, and eating utensils. Bring extra cash for the games/prizes.

  • Date:30/10/2022 09:00 AM
  • Location Casino Gun Range - Trail Wildlife (Map)
  • More Info:Kootenay Boundary B, Trail, B.C. V1R 4X3


Date: Saturday October 30th 

Time: 9 am-4 pm

Location: Casino Range in Trail 

Participants: 65 shooters. Must enroll in advance.

Age limit: Ladies 13 years and older

Firearm: .22 rifle, bolt or semi, any optics

Match: paper targets

Ammunition: 150 rounds of .22 

Activities: shooting match, games, prizes, lunch, dessert, costumes, goodie bags

Entrance Fee: $50